Making a dirt bath

We made a dirt bath for the hens. It took us around 3 minutes so it is really quick. We used 3 ingredients. We used these ingredients in this order, then mixed:

1. Get an empty tub. You can use any tub/box as long as it isn’t too deep for the chickens to get in to.

2. Add builders sand

3. Add soil (with no chemicals added)


4. Add wood ash (just from wood)


5. Mix together


6. Then we put the dirt bath in the run.


7. Wait for the chickens to have a wash.


3 thoughts on “Making a dirt bath”

  1. hi.
    Have really loved reading your Blog about your chickens. We are both retired teachers from secondary school. I taught the year 7 science and when they got to year ten and above, Biology and Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry for the sixth form.
    I love the way you write and enjoy your pictures. Might I suggest that you add some very fine grit, sometimes made from ground up sea shells as the chickens need Calcium to continue to make strong egg shells. Loved the pictures of the chicken Coup and your description.
    well done.
    look forward to more from you.
    Barry Wiseman,
    Chapel Lane, Moulton, Cheshire


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