Poor Battery Hens

One of the things I like about our chickens is that they are able to walk around our garden pecking and exploring. Stripey lays eggs when she wants to and where she wants to.

Some chickens can’t though and they are called battery hens. They have to live in a cage all day and are never allowed out. They are not treated very well at all and forced to lay eggs all the time. Mum and dad said that they might rescue some in next year from this website: http://www.bhwt.org.uk/rehome-some-hens/

My dad showed me a website were you can sign to try and stop battery hens. Please help by signing it (we have).



One thought on “Poor Battery Hens”

  1. I have two ex battery hens here at home in Moulton. They are amazingly friendly little chickens, one follows me around and likes to sit in the garden with me.


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