Chicken Facts

After Dad found out about the most number of yokes in an egg ever (9) I tried to find some more interesting facts about chickens and their eggs. Here are some that I found:

  • The most yokes ever in one egg was 9.
  • China has the most chickens per country.
  • Chickens have full-colour vision like us
  • Chickens dream just like we do.
  • Chickens are the closest living relative to the T. rex
  • Chickens will be less nervous if you walk backwards when entering the coop.
  • The record for the most eggs laid in one day by one hen is 7.
  • About 2% of all eggs are odd shaped/malformed. You can see funny shaped eggs on Google.
  • You can rub off the egg shell colour if you can get to the egg just as it's been laid, before it dries off. Once it's dry though, no amount of rubbing will have any effect on the colour.

Thank you to the following sites for the information:

Peta, Easy Science for Kids, Backyard Chickens


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