Oh No

Midnight has been found eating an egg which could mean she could start eating eggs she lays 😯😦😯.


We have eggs!

I looked in the nesting box last night and we had our first egg.   The plastic eggs were on the floor and in their place was a brownish spotty egg.  I was so amazed.  I have spent today trying to work out which chicken laid the egg.  Mum cooked the egg for breakfast and we split it into quarters and all tried some. It was lovely!

After I got back from shopping with mum and dad there was another egg in the nesting box.  We think it was Bluebell or Stripy who laid the egg.  Snowy has been laying down a lot we think she might lay an egg on the plant pot.

What else do you need

 When you have chickens it’s not just a coop and run you need. You will also need to buy some other stuff. I’m going to do a little quiz for you so can you comment your answers and I will reply. You can just guess or you can use the clues. 
Here are the clues: 

1. Something that the chickens will see each morning and bed time and will peck at.

2. The chickens lay their eggs on it and it covers the floor of the coop.

3. Something you need to help the egg have strong shells and the chickens digest their food.

4. They can run around in it when they can not be let out.

5. They sleep in.

6. They nest in it.

7. They free range in our \_\_\_\_\_\_.

8. They will die if their not \_\_\_\_\_ for.

9. They will die if their not \_\_\_\_.

10. They need a little bit of \_\_\_\_ to be trained.

How many can you guess?