!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you 😊 to all that have been on Lucy’s website and said ‘NO’ to a new chicken farm. It is helping earth’s chickens. Despite everyone on Lucy’s website this what Lucy has said,

“In the case of our petition to Staffordshire council, regarding the recent approval of a chicken factory farm, they have made the decision to remain in acceptance of the proposition despite the over 70,000 strong petition, and now the building and preparation for the farm is under way.”

For those who don’t know about battery hens, they are chickens that are born in a factory were the get put in a cage with no space. They can only get water and food. They are forced to lay eggs. When the can’t lay any more they send loads of chickens off to be killed.

They lose most of there feathers, go really skinny and their comb is floppy and not red. Basically they aren’t looked after.

You can still sign to help raise awareness of battery hens. THANK YOU


Chicken’s in the paper

Recently dad sent me a email about chickens I thought it was very interesting. It was released quite a while ago although we found it recently. Click here for the link.

Here is the first paragraph:

Chickens are native to the tropical jungles of Southeast Asia, but over the last approximately 8,000 years, chickens have been domesticated and spread around the globe to become one of the most valued domesticated animals. These fairly shy forest birds lack the ability for long-distance flying and are not migratory. As such, their spread around the world is not just a tale of domestication, but one that is intimately linked to the movements of people around the world.

That is amazing!!!!!!

Stick Food

We found some new treats for the chickens at Waterworld on the Wirral. We bought these while we were getting goldfish for my birthday. They are made of all natural ingredients such as nuts, corn and raisins. You get two sticks in a pack for Β£4.99.

At first our chickens were scared of it because they didn't know what it was. But then Stripy pecked it and then carried on. Stripy, if it's not at the right angle, puts a claw on it and rearranges it before putting her claw back on it and eating it. Our chickens really enjoyed it and it was worth the money.

They last about two days for our chickens.

You can buy them from Amazon as well.

Chicken Facts

After Dad found out about the most number of yokes in an egg ever (9) I tried to find some more interesting facts about chickens and their eggs. Here are some that I found:

  • The most yokes ever in one egg was 9.
  • China has the most chickens per country.
  • Chickens have full-colour vision like us
  • Chickens dream just like we do.
  • Chickens are the closest living relative to the T. rex
  • Chickens will be less nervous if you walk backwards when entering the coop.
  • The record for the most eggs laid in one day by one hen is 7.
  • About 2% of all eggs are odd shaped/malformed. You can see funny shaped eggs on Google.
  • You can rub off the egg shell colour if you can get to the egg just as it's been laid, before it dries off. Once it's dry though, no amount of rubbing will have any effect on the colour.

Thank you to the following sites for the information:

Peta, Easy Science for Kids, Backyard Chickens