Making a dirt bath

We made a dirt bath for the hens. It took us around 3 minutes so it is really quick. We used 3 ingredients. We used these ingredients in this order, then mixed:

1. Get an empty tub. You can use any tub/box as long as it isn’t too deep for the chickens to get in to.

2. Add builders sand

3. Add soil (with no chemicals added)


4. Add wood ash (just from wood)


5. Mix together


6. Then we put the dirt bath in the run.


7. Wait for the chickens to have a wash.


We’re getting chickens!

Today (9/8/2016) we got our chicken coop and the run : ). In the chicken coop there is 1 floor and 3 compartments for the chickens to lay eggs. There is a cleaning tray so you can clean out the chickens without having to go inside. The run is movable so it isn’t heavy and hard to move.

Outside there is a bulge which is where the chickens lay there eggs (something that I mentioned before).

We are not getting chicks because they are to hard to look after while we are new with chicks/cockerels/chickens. We are also not getting a cockerel because they are too noisy. As a result of us not getting a cockerel we shall not be getting any chicks – eggs with chickens inside.

We are going to just get female chickens called hens. My mum would like to get black and white chickens. That is what we’re hoping to get. A man said if we come on Sunday we can chose our chickens, but if we find somewhere before Sunday then we are going to get them from that animal/chicken place (only if they have the right type of chicken!).