Sad news ;-( and happy news :-D and a funny fact ;-)!

Hi everyone! Sorry I have not posted for a while.

Sadly Stripey (the barred rock) died 😦 . We were all very sad and will miss her very much.

Happily though we have bought a new hen called Midnight. Midnight is a black rock and is very pretty. We think she is bottom of the pecking order ( the order of their strength) with Bluebell at the top and snowy in the middle.

A funny fact is that we had our first egg today last year – Monday the 18th September 2016.


Double Yoke

img_0011We got a really big egg today. It was double the size of our normal eggs. Dad said it must have hurt the chicken laying it!

When mum cracked it open we found out that it had two yokes. We were really impressed. Here are are some pictures of the egg.

By the way the egg didn’t fit into any of our egg cartons.

Dad looked on the internet to see what the record was for the most yokes in an egg and it was 9 according to one website.


We have eggs!

I looked in the nesting box last night and we had our first egg.   The plastic eggs were on the floor and in their place was a brownish spotty egg.  I was so amazed.  I have spent today trying to work out which chicken laid the egg.  Mum cooked the egg for breakfast and we split it into quarters and all tried some. It was lovely!

After I got back from shopping with mum and dad there was another egg in the nesting box.  We think it was Bluebell or Stripy who laid the egg.  Snowy has been laying down a lot we think she might lay an egg on the plant pot.