!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you 😊 to all that have been on Lucy’s website and said ‘NO’ to a new chicken farm. It is helping earth’s chickens. Despite everyone on Lucy’s website this what Lucy has said,

“In the case of our petition to Staffordshire council, regarding the recent approval of a chicken factory farm, they have made the decision to remain in acceptance of the proposition despite the over 70,000 strong petition, and now the building and preparation for the farm is under way.”

For those who don’t know about battery hens, they are chickens that are born in a factory were the get put in a cage with no space. They can only get water and food. They are forced to lay eggs. When the can’t lay any more they send loads of chickens off to be killed.

They lose most of there feathers, go really skinny and their comb is floppy and not red. Basically they aren’t looked after.

You can still sign to help raise awareness of battery hens. THANK YOU


Poor Battery Hens

One of the things I like about our chickens is that they are able to walk around our garden pecking and exploring. Stripey lays eggs when she wants to and where she wants to.

Some chickens can’t though and they are called battery hens. They have to live in a cage all day and are never allowed out. They are not treated very well at all and forced to lay eggs all the time. Mum and dad said that they might rescue some in next year from this website: http://www.bhwt.org.uk/rehome-some-hens/

My dad showed me a website were you can sign to try and stop battery hens. Please help by signing it (we have).


Painting the coop

Yesterday we painted the coop. We painted the roof white and the sides sky blue. We painted the coop to protect the wood and make it last longer. Hopefully the chickens still know that that is their coop. We also let our hens out for the whole day (even while we went for a bike ride) and they were brilliant.

A quick update today – thanks for reading.

Painting the coop