This morning we woke up to find a magpie trying to crack one of our eggs (they must be some good eggs!)! We had to run into the garden and scare it off! Lets hope we don’t see him/her again!


Oh No

Midnight has been found eating an egg which could mean she could start eating eggs she lays 😯😦😯.

How many people reading my blog eat chicken or meat?

I think animals may sometimes be ‘clumsy’ and you may think they don’t have emotions, but I think we shouldn’t kill them because of it. It’s kind of like having a child and then bringing it up and because the child doesn’t do something ‘correct’ so you kill it. You wouldn’t do that.

People that work in places that kill animals may say ”but I will lose my job!” Well why don’t you change and make vegetarian food?

Here are some reasons why you should try going vegetarian:

  • It’s healthy
  • It’s saves many animals lives
  • You will probably have to try a new food
  • It will have an positive impact on our environment
  • It’s worth a try

If this really hasn’t convinced you to go vegetarian why don’t you just try it for a month? Perhaps a week? Whatever the weather it’s worth a try!

I mean – what’s the worst that’s going to happen?

🎉!Happy 🆕 year!🎆

Hi guys, hope you are all well. If you have chickens I hope they’re well too. If you or and the chicken(s) are unwell I hope you/them/both/all/they get better soon.


Recently we have put down a fence so the chickens don’t ruin the gardens with dust baths! Although you’d have thought it would have worked because it’s high, Midnight has managed to find a way to get over it:

  1. Find a pot/stone high enough to jump onto.
  2. Jump onto it
  3. Fly over the fence

Although this is a clever idea sometimes she can’t get back as there are no pots close enough! We’ve found a couple of times she has managed to get back in but sometimes she hasn’t! Oh dear!


Also quite recently I noticed that Snowy has plucked out feathers from here sides and her bottom!! We aren’t quite sure why she’s doing this but if you think you do please comment.


Bluebell had also found a way over the fence but this way was slightly better (for her not us!)!

Her method was:

  1. Find something high and stable to stand on
  2. Fly and land on the fence
  3. Let the fence collapse with her weight and then run off on the other direction
  4. Then run back when she was done!

You can see why it better for her and not for us but luckily she doesn’t do it any more.

If you have got any funny things your chickens do then be sure to tell me and I’ll try and give your chickens a shout out!!

Sad news ;-( and happy news :-D and a funny fact ;-)!

Hi everyone! Sorry I have not posted for a while.

Sadly Stripey (the barred rock) died 😦 . We were all very sad and will miss her very much.

Happily though we have bought a new hen called Midnight. Midnight is a black rock and is very pretty. We think she is bottom of the pecking order ( the order of their strength) with Bluebell at the top and snowy in the middle.

A funny fact is that we had our first egg today last year – Monday the 18th September 2016.

Loads of Eggs

Recently we have been getting twice as many eggs. We don't know whether it is because they are laying after we have collected or if they are laying twice a day every other day and then the next day they lay one egg or none.

Is it because they are only allowed in the run still and eating more food?

Has that been happening to your chickens 🐔?


I like baking so I decided to bake some muffins. I baked some breakfast muffins and some blueberry muffins. In both of them I used our eggs. I shared the blueberry muffins out with quite a few people. Every one who had one said it was extra lovely.

On the breakfast muffins I cracked a rather small egg and I got a double yolk!